With conviction we invite young people to repond tot he call to Columban Mission, either as lay or ordained. Some of these hear the particular call to priesthood - a call to proclaim and witness to Gospel values and, with other men and women, to create a new missionary sotry of a new generation. - Acts of the General Assembly of the MSSC (2006)

Accompaniment Program – is a program of the Columban Father's Vocation Ministry for young people who are trying to discern their Vocation in life.

Why do we have this program? The program aims to help young people in need of vocation discernment to understand, develop and find out the calling of God in their lives.

The Vocations Team will provide support, guidance and friendship with each of the vocation searchers in their journey towards dis-covering their own vocation. Participating in this program allows vocation searchers the opportunity to develop further their relationships with God, one another and themselves. This will hopefully give them a deeper sense of their own understanding of their Faith in God and God’s care for them. It will help develop their skills, talents and self confidence as persons called by God.

What will vocation searchers receive from the Program? The program includes seminars and sessions that will help the individual gain awareness of themselves and others through vocation seminars, guidance in their life’s journey, an understanding of their Faith and the particular Vocation they are called too and finally a better sense of who they are as loved children of God.

Programs of the Accompaniment
Inputs on Vocation Discernment, Prayer, Columban History and being Called to serve in the Church today.
Workshops on Life, Family and Vocation Symbols, Self Discovery with others, mission, sexuality and culture.
Video showings on the Mission and Apostolates of the Columbans.
Materials for reflections and reading.
Activities e.g recollections and retreats
Socialization recreation and relaxation (mountain trekking, river rafting, etc...)

Among Columban Apostolates and Areas of Mission Today.
Attendance at Seminars.
Leadership Training Seminar

Spiritual Direction
Vocation Counselling


1. College student, College graduate or a young professional between the ages of 18 - 35 years.
2. Good Health, good family background and academically average.
3. Spirit of Faith and Community Involvement.



Columban House of Studies


Located at No. 42 Rosario Drive, New Manila, Quezon City is the Columban House of Studies where young men interested in becom-ing Columban missionary priest are formed.

The initial formation program begins with philosophical studies (2 years) followed by a Spiritual Year program which involves inten-sive and integral psycho- spiritual formationprogram. After completing the Spiritual Year program, the student will complete a 4-Year Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology (S.T.B.). A part of the formation program is a two-year missionary assignment in Columban mission countries. In forming a new generation of missionaries, fewer in number and multicultural, we carry forward the Columban story to meet the missionary challenges of the future. Formation is an adventure leading to faith-filled commitment. We accompany our students so that they may discern their call and we may mutually experience the presence of the Risen One: "They said to each other, 'Were not our hearts burning within us while he was talking to us on the road, while he was opening the Scriptures to us?'" - Acts of the General Assembly of the MSSC (2006)

Below is a glimpse of the Columban formation adventure. Join us and let the adventure begin.